Converting Text To SmartArt In PowerPoint 2010

When inserting SmartArt into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, most people add the SmartArt first and then add the text. However, you can convert text that already exists on a slide to SmartArt. You might want to do this, for example, if you have made a bulleted list of points and later decide to improve the visual impact by using SmartArt.

Here is a bulleted list in a standard text box.

Convert Text To SmartArt In Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

To convert the contents of the text box to SmartArt, click anywhere in the text box and then click Home > Paragraph > Convert to SmartArt. The window that opens presents a selection of the different SmartArt available.

Convert To SmartArt In PowerPoint

If you want to see all the SmartArt that you can use, click on More SmartArt Graphics. I selected the Basic Cycle SmartArt for this example and the following conversion takes place.

SmartArt In PowerPoint

You can alter the text in a circle by clicking in it and starting to type.