Microsoft PowerPoint Templates

Using Microsoft PowerPoint templates can be a real time saver when you need to create stylish presentations quickly. If you do decide to use a template, you have several options open to you:

Professionally Designed PowerPoint Templates

There are some really stunning PowerPoint templates available. I’ve done some research and listed the better ones here:

  • Presentation Pro – they have a selection of over 10,000 templates, 5,000 graphics, 3,000 icons. Their best seller is the 3 in 1 complete PowerPoint Design Package.
  • Teacher Resources – Creative Projects Using Templates for Microsoft Office.
  • Powered Templates – high quality PowerPoint templates and PowerPoint backgrounds for your presentations.
  • Powerplugs for PowerPoint – energize PowerPoint with stunning 3D transition effects, cool Flash animations, sophisticated 3D charts, TV-style animated 3D titles, beautiful templates, inspiring photos and more!
  • ProPoint Graphics – custom PowerPoint templates.
  • Presenter Media – PowerPoint templates, 3D animations and ClipArt for presenters and creative professionals.
  • Pete’s PowerPoint Station – tons of PowerPoint templates in a wide variety of categories.
  • Presentation Load – a very stylish collection of templates.
  • Free PowerPoint templates – tons of free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds to download.