Powerpoint Clicker

When you deliver your PowerPoint presentation, you are tied to your computer because you need to be there to navigate from slide to slide using your keyboard or mouse. This represents an obstacle that prevents you from engaging effectively with your audience. Most of us would not dream of changing channels on our TV without a remote control, yet we put up with being tethered to our mice and keyboards when presenting.

Imagine being able to move anywhere within the room to express yourself and talk to audience members whilst still retaining control over the presentation. You can do this with a PowerPoint clicker.

A PowerPoint clicker, will help you focus on connecting with your audience, not your computer. The first of these PowerPoint remote controls offered some freedom to roam around the auditorium, but they were connected to the computer by means of a wire cable. However, modern pointers are wireless and transmit via a laser. Many of these presentation tools also allow you to manage your time by using timers too, so you don’t need to worry about losing yourself in discussion. Typically, they allow you perform a variety of actions on your presentation, such as:

  • Launch/End slideshow
  • Slide Forward
  • Slide Back
  • Present a black screen
  • Control volume
  • Provide automatic, inaudible warnings at intervals you set

A PowerPoint clicker will give you the same control over the running of your presentation as will your keyboard and mouse. Surprisingly, many of these devices cost around the same as a mouse!

We’ve compiled a list of the more popular PowerPoint clickers here. Some are better than others, but we’ve filtered out the bad ones so you don’t have to.