PowerPoint Music Quiz

Download the PowerPoint Music Quiz.

Name The Instrument Quiz

This music quiz in PowerPoint has a sample of music played by a particular instrument on each slide. Start the presentation by pressing F5 on the keyboard and either press Enter or click on a slide to progress to the next slide. Play the sample music by clicking on the play button that appears when you hover over the sound file (you can also pause playback, if need be). You audience will need to write down the name of the instrument on a piece of paper, and when you’ve gone through all the slides, each member of the audience will hand their paper in for marking.


Each slide has the name of the instrument in the title, so don’t let the audience see.

Open the PowerPoint quiz, and save it to your computer for future use. You can even add more sound files to your presentation if you have them, to make the quiz more interesting.

This quiz is great for Christmas, Thanksgiving and any other time where there is a large gathering of people (especially kids).