Speech Bubbles For PowerPoint

Speech bubbles (or speech balloons), most commonly seen in comic books, are reusable graphical aids that allow words, ideas and concepts to be represented in an easy to understand way. Usually, there is some way to indicate that a speech bubble contains thoughts (the bubble looks like a cloud) or words spoken aloud (the bubble looks like an oval or is rectangular).

Here are 3 basic speech bubbles that you’ve probably already seen on your travels:

Common Speech Balloons

PowerPoint 2010 comes with some similarly basic built-in speech bubbles, but you can very easily spice up your presentations with more snazzy and eye catching bubbles by using the images you can download below. All you have to do is download them to your computer and then insert them as images. You can then add a text box to overlay the speech bubble and start writing in it.

Of course, because the bubble is an image, you get all the resizing options that images get when it is selected. You can also change its orientation by clicking and dragging left or right on the rotate button at the top.

Free To Download Speech Bubbles For PowerPoint

Here is a snapshot of what the speech bubbles look like:

Thought Bubble 1

Thought Bubble 2

Though Bubble 3

Thought Bubble 4

Star Bubble 1

Star Bubble 2

Star Bubble 3

Star Bubble 4

Speech Bubble 1

Speech Bubble 2

Speech Bubble 3

Speech Bubble 4

Rounded Bubble 1

Rounded Bubble 2

Rounded Bubble 3

Rounded Bubble 4

Organic Bubble 1

Organic Bubble 2

Organic Bubble 3

Organic Bubble 4

Funky Bubble 1

Funky Bubble 2

Funky Bubble 3

Funky Bubble 4

What you need to do is right click on the speech bubble you want to download, and select Save Picture as. Remember where you save it, because you’ll need to locate it when you insert it into your PowerPoint presentation.

This post displays a gallery of speech bubbles. Stay tuned for the next post which will be a tutorial on how to use them in your own presentations.