Using Professional PowerPoint Templates

Using PowerPoint templates can speed up how long it takes to create a presentation. Using a professionally designed PowerPoint template has the same advantage – but you get a template that is stunningly attractive to boot.

Many people use the free templates that come with PowerPoint, not realising just how inexpensive – and how much better – pro templates are. This tutorial will show you how to use the templates that PresenterMedia provide, and will hopefully get you thinking that it needn’t cost the earth to create a stunning PowerPoint presentation.

Organising The PowerPoint Templates

Many template vendors offer a subscription that allows you to download an unlimited number of templates for a fixed price, and this is true of PresenterMedia. When you have downloaded a certain number of templates, an organisational structure becomes necessary. One way of working is to create a new folder structure like this:


Save Template Location

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You would then download all templates into that folder. Whenever you need to create a new presentation, you would open one of the templates in that folder, save it to a different location on your computer, rename it to the presentation you’re going to deliver, and then start work on it.

Modifying The Template

Open the template in PowerPoint and you may see the following Protected View alert.

Protected View Alert

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Because you downloaded the template from the internet, PowerPoint is checking that you can trust the source. You can trust where the template came from, so click Enable Editing.

Before you start working on your new presentation, the first thing you should do is save it to a different location and rename it. Here, we’ve created a new folder called “live”, and we’re going to rename our presentation and save it there:

Rename Presentation

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If you look down the list of slides on the left hand side of the workspace, you can get a feel for the variety of slide layouts that have been designed for us. To modify a slide, click its image on the left to select it and then make your changes.

The template that we are using in our example is the Business March template, and this one uses animation. The animation is good, but depending on the content of your presentation, and your audience, you might decide that you want to deliver a static presentation with no animation. The animated templates come with static versions of each slide, so you can easily toggle between animated and static. Right click on the slide and then select Layout. The following gallery of layouts will be displayed:

Switch To Static Theme

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The static layouts are displayed at the bottom of the gallery; find the static version of the layout you want and click on it to select it. At any time, you can preview your changes by pressing Shift-F5 to preview from the current slide, or F5 from the beginning of the presentation.

Don’t think you need to use all the slides that are in the template! You can easily delete the ones you don’t need by selecting them in the slide panel and then press the delete key. You can make multiple selections by holding down Ctrl as you click additional slides. Of course, these slides are deleted from the current presentation and not the template itself.